All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

Pet Hospital

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Today, Mika is a patient for Matt and Richie to examine. They go through a full physical examination to make sure he is a good doggy…
  • Author: Lankun
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One Evening in Tokyo

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It’s late in the evening. Two preteen boys are watching Spiderman on TV while eating pizza. When one of them falls asleep, the other boy curiously slips his hand inside his underwear and starts playing with his hairless circumcised penis…


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A cute boy falls in love with his own image in the mirror and starts jerking off to it. After a messy ejaculation, he puts two of his fingers into his mouth and sucks on them with passion. Mmmmm… It tastes so good…

Friederike’s Portrait

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Here is the portrait of an early teenager, Friederike. She is vigorous and spirited yet a bit reserved. Enjoy her high-quality images…

Vaginal Sex

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In a living room, on a sofa, sits a hairy man who is busy fucking a teen girl in the pussy. They’re both naked and feel hot and horny…
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I Saw your Dancing

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A cute preteen boy starts singing for a man who finds it very sexy. The video is 00:05:47 long in 1440×900 resolution with music…

Exclusive Service

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Best little girls with professional mother assistance just for you. Always real emotions. No fake tears! You do anything you can pay for. Call only if you can afford it. Our clients are serious people. Full refund if she enjoys…

Playtime 1

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Two cute preteen brothers, Jimmy (younger) and Caleb (older), get kidnapped and used for their captor’s delight. Beware! This is a nonconsensual story although the boys experience some sexual pleasure occasionally…

In like a Lion [FREE]

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Nathan Page and his furry brother Leo Page play some intimate games before bed. How do furries perform on bed? Very well indeed…

Yui, Xiao and Chihiro

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Yui smuggles a bottle of hard liquor to school and drinks it with her friends, Xiao and Chihiro, in a classroom with the door locked…