All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

The Making of a Slut 1

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A mother sells her daughter for an hour. The price is $5000 and she will be there to teach the amateur girl how to be a proper whore…
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Young Widow

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A futa surprises a loli with a super big cock in a cyberpunk-themed room. The thing is lolis love giant pricks, even in sci-fi worlds…

Mr. D 13

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Mr. D takes the boys to his lake cabin during their camping trip. This vacation is a triumph of love, bonding, beauty, and charm…

A Taste of Sugar 3

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After a long journey, Lord Edmar’s imposing estate finally loomed on the horizon, signaling the beginning of a new life for Luca. How will a former street child cope with his new status as a lord? Will he shed his own skin and embrace the change or will he remain true to who he is? Will he find friends or foes behind those walls? How will Lord Edmar’s staff react and will they accept this new street urchin as their Lord? What sort of adventures and predicaments will the young Luca face and how will he face all these changes? It’s too soon to tell…

Spanking Oliver 3

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Mom catches her femboy in her lingerie! What does he deserve? A tennis racket or a leather strap? Maybe a ping-pong paddle…

Pixie Issue 9 [FREE]

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Let’s meet 12-year-old Hina at home, 10-year-old Sora in the bathroom, and 11-year-old Suki getting fucked by 16-year-old Walter…

Bath Fun 2

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The second part of this series is played by different characters. The 1080p video is 00:06:58 long with sound and speech bubbles…

Feral Boys

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A white blond teenager finds two nude black teens in the woods and threatens them with a gun to be obedient and do what he says…
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One Dream for Two 1

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Two cute preteen boys share a dream where they fuck passionately. The 00:07:42 long video is in 1440×900 resolution with sound…

Southern Comfort 3

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Miss Viola shows Lizzy a hidden door behind an old wardrobe. She must keep it a secret because there are pornographic books inside…