All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

I am my Stepmother’s Slave 2

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He’s a real slave now. He mops the floor and kisses his master’s feet. He has no choice. He can’t say no. He must obey all orders…

Pixie Issue 5 [FREE]

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In this issue, we rejoin fan favorite Suki after school. We will also join beautiful Willa in the greenhouse. She really loves flowers…

Sam’s Journey 6 – Gold Level – Life and Death

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Gold level might be disgusting, but it pays well. How far will Sam go? Is taking two big black cocks at the same time far enough? No! He even pretends to be a dog and gets fucked by a fat bald man several times in a day…

Top of the World, Boy!

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One big day for a sex-crazed drug lord. It’s full of alcoholic drinks, smoking, lust, fucking, wet briefs, sobbing, murder, and more…
  • Author: Zack
  • Content: 17 Photos

The Lost Boys of the Red Planet 1

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In this 3D shotacon comic, we follow Chick and Amid in their adventure. We also meet Bobo, a former gladiator in Massuk…

Stages of Endurance 14

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After seeing Evan tortured at the Rose, Donny’s attitude changed. His own punishments just don’t measure up to the insanity of Evan’s world. Evan and Donny have started to hang out again; both wanting to forget about those awkward, horrible events in the past. Evan has had some sessions with Joaquin, starting to train this new slave at the Rose. And now the time has arrived for him to take full responsibility for his own slave….

Princess Emilia’s Morning Bath

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So, after William managed to somehow save his sister, the two siblings affection for each other became even deeper. To a point in which they started to get intimate, leading Emilia to get pregnant with William’s child. Now, on a warm and peaceful morning the young boy decided to help his beloved sister with her morning bath…

Dirty Bliss

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Two men lay down a cute boy on a table and make him shoot a huge load of cum in a 00:03:50 long 1440×900 video with sound…


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Jamie visits Spank-Chat on the family computer and logs in with his father’s password. He finds many of the webcams interesting…
  • Author: Urza_M
  • Content: 22 Photos

Ama Lilith

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Lulum is a succubus who one day appears in a man’s room. The comic is uncensored and also available in French and Spanish…