The Dungeon – Just What he Wanted

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Aaron was at his friend Kevin’s house when he had an experience that sent the course of his life in a wildly different direction. The day had started normal enough, with the two friends working on their huge Minecraft project. They had been at it for a couple of hours when Kevin’s mom told the boys they needed to do something outside…
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His Son’s Best Friend

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It’s Saturday morning and Bobby is playing balls with his son, Matt, and his son’s best friend, Ricky. Ricky’s shirt says “Hot Stuff” and it can’t be more true…

A Day at the Beach

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William (13 years old and the tallest), Noah (13 years old and the second tallest) and Andy (11 years old and the shortest) are all friends and go to the same school. They all decided to spend a day at the beach. These three boys really know how to keep themselves busy when they’re at the beach and not just with silly, pointless games. They do it better than professional porn stars. They are really lucky that nobody came to interrupt them.…

Bad Romans 1 – When in Rome

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It’s ancient Rome, city of culture, wealth, and power. A city where anything can be bought for a price; where no lust is uncattered for; no vice forbidden. A city where love of boys is allowed and celebrated; and such boys are bought and sold on open markets. They are ‘property’ obliged to fulfill your every desire, or the desire of whoever their master commands. For sale or for rent, boy flesh is cheap. Don’t miss the first episode of this intricate and historically faithful story…
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