All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

His Cheerleaders

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It looks like a dream for many boys his age. On the contrary, this is very real for him. It is what he deals with everyday…
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Brother’s Problem

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Teen brother admits to her sister he doesn’t know how to meet girls and he would very much like to fuck his sister’s pussy…

Losing her Virginity

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A handsome boy and a hairy man deflower girls in their early teens and shoot their thick sticky loads in the girls’ mouths…
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Dad and her daughter sail into the open waters and enjoy the stunning views. They stop on an island then and enjoy each other’s company more than ever. It doesn’t end there! When they come back home from the boat trip, they figure out it has just started…

Niece Sleepover 3

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The bathtub is now ready. After a night of fucking and orgasm, nothing freshens you up better than a relaxing bath in the morning…

Tyler 11

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As Tyler rouses in the morning, Brett gives him a new bag full of useful equipment: A mobile phone, an e-cigarette, and a knife…

Matt and Carl 10

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After a wonderful day spent in the company of Nathan’s family, Matt is taken by Mike to his house late in the morning with the promise that he would soon come back to visit them. At home, he will find Carl waiting for him and can’t wait to tell him about his wonderful experience…

Milk and Cookies

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Every little boy likes drinking milk and eating cookies while watching TV. The blond boy we have here is no exception…
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The Entertainers

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Steven Andrews is an American in England. He has traveled abroad not for pleasure or his health, but rather on business. In New York, he owns and manages The Broadway Follies at the Adams theatre. Not the most artistic troupe or venue, but certainly a profitable one. His profits are dependent on the whims of the general public, and the current whims are acts featuring handsome and talented young children. He has no such act in his follies yet…

The Happiest Days 16

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JJ and Shane are held and watched by the Mall’s security guards. Mrs. Underwood and JJ’s mom are heading there to save the boys…