All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

Book of Evil 7

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Sara is bewitched by the Book and she’s now ready to get fucked by her brother. Steve was waiting for this moment for so long…

Matt and Carl 7

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It’s time for Matt and Carl to go to bed. Matt is already in bed but still not sleeping because he is waiting for Carl…

Tent for Two 2 – The Campsite

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This episode narrates the story of the camping day. Dad and son packed the gear and tent in the car and drove to the campsite…

Timmy the Tease – Timothy Hot Dog!

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Timothy needs to cum before mommy comes home. He can only think of the man’s best friend in such a situation…

Evil Invocation

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A cute preteen girl summons the Evil to undergo the most wicked sexual experience of her life, filled with unholy sperms…

My Math Teacher [FREE]

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Last semester, a teen boy was afraid he was going to flunk his geometry class, so he got some extra help from Mr. Priapic…

First Time

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Kayla thinks boys don’t like her. She checks her body in the mirror and remembers daddy said she has a cute butt. If her father thinks so, maybe she can seduce him instead of the boys in the school. Her BFF will be so jealous…

The Eagles of Rome

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In ancient Rome, two boys confronted with conspiracy and betrayal find love when everything destines them to be enemies…

Seduced by my Babysitter

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A black woman touches a white girl under her skirt. She undresses the preteen girl and plays with her cute little cunny…
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Fitness Lessons

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A muscular woman takes his ice-cream and throws it into the trash can as they enter the gym and more is to follow…
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