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Yuri Class

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Two classmates have fun in the classroom the way adult lesbians have fun in a 00:02:53 long 1080p video with moaning sounds…
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Abby is a prepubescent girl. She undresses gradually and shows off her charms. Later, she sucks a big black cock and gets fucked…

When the Boys are Bored

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A naked preteen boy laid on a black leather sofa exhibits a cute erected penis to a bored younger boy in just his shirt and undies…

Cannibal Encounter

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Somewhere in Africa a long time ago, it was a beautiful day and Xi wanted to go spear fishing with his best friend Taro, but Taro had to help his mother in the village, so Xi decided to go alone. The boys of the village are strictly forbidden to go on hunt alone, because there are cannibals living just a few miles away and they often violate the villager’s territory. Xi found a beautiful fishing spot, unaware that he already had evil eyes on him…
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A Boy Needs a Maid

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Surprise! Your maid is a boy in disguise. Oh! Look at that weenie between his legs. Undress him and enjoy all the sweetness…
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Mr. D 12

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Jeremy’s father accompanies Max, Collin, and his son on a trip to the wilderness. Jeremy is very excited and can’t wait until they arrive at the campsite. He starts to make love with his stepdads while his dad is driving the car…

The Happiest Days 20

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Shane had been reluctant to try what JJ had suggested in the dark that night, but he had tried it. He had tried it because he wanted to. JJ knew he had wanted to do it for a long time, and for JJ, it was not the first time anyone had done that to him. Anyways, Shane’s pointy bits were not nearly as big as the warden’s…

Tempted by a Ruby [FREE]

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Is everyone ready? Boners up! This is a blowjob event. Each boy is randomly assigned to a girl. Each girl sucks off the dick in front of her until the boy ejaculates. The goal is for the boys to hold off coming as long as they can…

Me and my Master

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Paul is a slave and he doesn’t get a lot of choices in his life. He has to obey his master no matter what. However, whenever, whatever…