All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

Sisters 1

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Fresh out of the shower, the hermaphrodite sibling fucks the younger sister’s brains out and rides her soft butt hard…

Classroom Revelation [FREE]

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Otsuka Kiyoko is from Kyoto. She is 11 years old and is in 6th grade. She is a diligent student and likes math and science the most. Her favorite hobbies are riding her bicycle and drawing. 64-year-old photographer Orio Toru has been shooting young girls for 30 years. He is an experienced expert and likes to work closely with his models…

The Meat Market – Don Marco – Chapter 13 – Preparations

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While Patrick is finding his way back to the land of the living, a slip of the tongue from Ronan reveals a horrible fact. Meanwhile, Jackson and two other boys are being briefed, prepared, and processed for the upcoming auction. From the unbelievable objectification of kids which gives The Meat Market its meaning, to adding the final touches on the Auction Hall and Don Marco’s unexpected visit to James’ Suite. Don Marco’s antics never change, but his tastes might be. Far away in SmallVille, something is happening…

Book of Evil 9

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The devil inside the book feeds on souls that are corrupted by lust and depravity. How many souls are enough souls for him? Can Steve manage to feed him enough? Here is the last chapter of the story which answers all of these questions…

Alice’s Summer

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How did Alice spend her summer? Better than most of her classmates. They’ll be so jealous when they hear about it…
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Matt and Carl 8

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Carl and Matt go to Nathan’s house to spend a morning together in the pool. Nathan’s uncle and his two sons arrive as well…

Dentist Fun

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Sexy dentist rewards a little girl for her clean teeth in a 00:05:44 long 1080p video with sound and speech bubbles…
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Liam and Charlotte 2

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While Liam’s father is out of the house running errands in town, the kids seize the opportunity and make love on the bed…


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It’s a warm sunny day and you’re by the pool relaxing. Suddenly, a preteen girl starts taking off her clothes right beside you…

Countryside Pleasures

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A teen girl and her younger sister attract the attention of three cowboys. Soon, they go to a shed together for some shagging…