All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

Spanking Oliver 5

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Troy and Oliver go to Hanky Spanky and try different costumes. The endorphins from sex make them confident and relaxed. They have a lot of fun together, however Troy is still in the closet and Jenny doesn’t stop bossing around…

The Golden Phallus

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A dick-shaped rock is found in an ancient cave. Deep inside the cave looks like an isolated prison with signs of extended living…
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Jealous Little Creature

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Daddy rubs his horny daughter’s cunny in the park, and then they go home to fuck hard on the bed in doggystyle position and more…

The Grey Room

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Alex kneels before Robbie’s big erected dick and zealously puts it in his mouth. After a short while, Robbie fucks Alex in the bunghole…
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The Mentor 1

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Mike is a 33-year-old gay man who makes mobile apps for a living. On a nice quiet day, the doorbell rings and an angel enters his life…

A Midsummer Night’s Cream [FREE]

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Heather Wilson dreams of her friend Heather Wilson having a big black cock! Can she resist getting fucked by it? No, she can’t…

Lyall at Work 1 – Piano Lesson

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Lyall has to wear clothes he doesn’t like. No typical 12-year-old wishes to wear them, but Lyall should, since he has a secret job…


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A little girl and an adult woman are kidnapped in an ice-cream van. They are transferred to a basement to get raped and tortured…

Bed Fun 2

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Marta taught the art of cunnilingus to her cousin, Amber. The 1080p video is 00:07:51 long with moaning sounds and speech bubbles…

Nick’s Adventure 3 – Abandoned Base

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Arti brings Nick to an abandoned army base with operable yet disabled fighter jets. No civilians are allowed to be there, however…