All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

Runaway Truck 3

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The third part of Runaway Truck is titled The Saga of Danny Dodge. Jake finds Cody’s uncle, Danny, and meets him the county jail…

Victoria’s Revenge

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Victoria takes photos while having oral and penetrative sex with Emmy’s younger brother, Chase, and sends them to her as a revenge. The 1080p video is 00:06:26 long with actual speech and moaning sounds…
  • Author: KDE
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Stevie writes “Roses are red, violets are blue. Please be mine, because I’m so in love with you” on a card and gives it to Yuki, but she…

Naked Cupid Boy’s Valentine’s Day

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The little angel is busy pissing and pooing, but he hears some noises. He finds two cute twinks jerking off each other passionately…

The Saint Jacob School 2

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Ratsu sees the McCon twins enter the basement and he thinks of something to save them from the drama that could’ve happened…

Spanking Oliver 2

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Oliver will work to earn the money for fixing Mark’s car. He also believes he deserves at least 100 bare-ass spanks with a paddle…

Pixie Issue 8 [FREE]

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In this issue, 12-year-old Hina is excited to fly home after modeling in the USA for a weeks, but she can’t pass the airport body scanner without troubles. We also join 11-year-old Willa in some afternoon exercise. Uncle Fritz helps her stretch…

Couch Fun 1

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Two cute preteen boys get caught fooling around, but they don’t stop. Don’t miss this 00:07:05 long full HD video with sound…
  • Author: JDBoi
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Southern Comfort 2

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Laying on his bed, Blade remembers that day he went to the stables. He reminisces about all the homosexual deeds he did there…