Island of the Lost Scouts 4

naked boys in the woods, boy sleeping nude together, jean shorts, lost in a secluded island

For two months George had dreamed of Toby being as close as this. He had dreamed of touching bodies, having his ear nibbled, being kissed, and being touched down there. The reality of the situation, however, was beyond his imagination, and even though he had felt relaxed and even a little sleepy after they were done, he had not gone to sleep. His mind was in too much of a turmoil for that. What would people say if they knew? Did this mean they were gay? Would people keep them apart if they got home? When do they get home? What would Karl do if he found out? And most of all – when could they do this again? Because one thing was sure – George would do this every day several times if he could. The hour of play fighting and exploration was the most wonderful thing he ever had experienced, bar none. Neither boy really knew what they were doing, but instinct alone had led to the touching and stroking of naked flesh that had culminated in an explosion of pleasure, as they had pressed their bodies together. It was so unfair they were being moved, but that didn’t mean they could never find time to be together again…