All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

Lana and Mateo 2

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Lana and Mateo are now girlfriend and boyfriend. Lana invites Mateo to spend their imaginary honeymoon in a special place…

Together Magazine 3

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The third issue of Together Magazine features Tenderly Yours, Daddy’s Weekend, and Proposition. Don’t miss all the action…

The Happiest Days 18

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In the young offenders prison, JJ gradually gets intimate with The Warden. They would watch movies together, and JJ liked the food in The Warden’s office. Eventually, The Warden started to touch JJ in certain places. He liked the special treatment and wanted to make The Warden happy, so he wouldn’t pull away. JJ loved all the attention and kisses to the point he wished The Warden was his dad…

Show for my Daddy

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A cute boy seduces his dad with sexy moves and expressions in a 00:06:17 long 1440×900 video with music and moaning sounds…


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The twins perform erotic moves for two hermaphrodites dressing as sexy bunnies. Shortly, the room is filled with moans and groans…
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Do you like non-human sexual encounters? Raeza is a two-part lolicon. It features “Horse” and “The Tentacle King”…

Another Afternoon

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It was just a typical afternoon. Mom left to work the night shift. It became a habit for dad and his 6-year-old daughter to have some special time together whenever possible. This evening wasn’t an exception…


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All boys play naked to explore one another’s body in a safe place with a friend, but for Aaron’s father it was different. When he was a child, he wanted to explore his friends like all boys do, but he also wanted to explore their little brother’s body. His friends got mad when he sucked their naked little bro’s sexy boners. He’s a dad now, and the same thing can happen with his own son any time…

So you Wanna be a Pokémon Trainer?

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The professor performs the usual inspection for new Pokemon trainers to see if they have what it takes. He makes sure they’re well-prepared for the great journey ahead! Don’t miss this super hot 2D shotacon comic…

The Snowman

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A Canadian boy is about to build the biggest and most badass snowman ever. He doesn’t know about the sinister wind though…
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