All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

Book of Evil 1

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Steve is a heterosexual boy who finds a book with magical powers and uses it to revenge his father’s attitude toward him…

The Happiest Days 8

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Shane’s mom is taking the boys to the museum for JJ’s history project. Will JJ stay out of trouble? I doubt it…

Mr. D 10

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Jeremy was feeling left out from the rest of the family. Max and Collin planned to help him join back to his father’s arms…

Beach Story

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Three preteen boys enjoy each other’s company at the beach. The video is 00:05:07 long and available in two resolutions…
  • Author: Cub3D
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The Menagerie – Room Service – Tommy the Cat

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The idea behind Room Service is a chain of hotels that have a very special menu that those in the know can take advantage of. With the right amount of capital, one can hire a boy with particular skills or attributes for a short session or even multiple days of fun…
  • Author: MDL
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Father in Jail

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His red head son visits him in jail. Watch the boy face-fucking the man in a 00:01:15 long video with sound…

Inside Riley 4

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Today, Elsa is at Riley’s place and she’s wondering if Riley has ever seen his dad naked. What can such thoughts and questions lead to? When Mr. Pinderson bring them food to eat, Elsa goes further than just questions…

Yin and Yang

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Two cute preteen girls, Yin and Yang, go to a nudist beach and find a boy to fuck them both. They’re not the only little girls who get fucked on this beach. Things go really crazy there. Don’t miss this super hot 3D artwork…

Boy Magnets – Muscles

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Are little boys attracted to muscles? Do muscular men have a better chance of enticing boys? Let’s ask the black teen there…
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