All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

Southern Comfort 1

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Miss Viola brings Lizzy to her brother’s room to teach her anatomy on a live subject. His brother, Blade, objects by reminding the girls no niggers are allowed upstairs after bedtime, but the girls know how to make him do what they want…

Spanking Oliver 1

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Oliver was normally a happy kid, but his parents’ recent divorce left him lonely and confused. He already knew he was gay, but still hadn’t told anyone. He began exploring porno sites and jerking off most evenings…

Bath Fun 1

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A cute preteen boy and girl passionately perform oral and penetrative sex in a 00:04:15 long 1080p video with moaning sounds…

Stacy is a Typical Teen Girl

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Stacy is a typical 13-year-old teenager. One day she secretly went to her parents’ bedroom looking for some cigarettes, but she found…

Little Shy Loli

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After a couple of shots, the photographer asks his child model to suck his cock. She’s never been offered money to do such things. She doesn’t know what to do, so she goes to her mother to discuss this new strange offer…

Tyler 13

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Author’s words: I know it’s been a while since we’ve had a new chapter and some of you might be disappointed by the long wait, lack of sex, and violence involved in this chapter. This is an important turning point in the Tyler saga and hopefully you will be happy with the overall story if this chapter wasn’t your particular cup of tea…

Aiden and Anton

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Two cute horny boys have sex on a bed. It starts with a blowjob, continues with anal penetration, and ends with shooting jizz…
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A naked bearded man offers his dick to a prepubescent girl to suck. In return, he goes down on the cutie, and then he fucks her…
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Eva and Evan

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Eva and Evan start to undress after a short foreplay. They touch private parts of each other and eventually begin to fuck…

Little Joys [FREE]

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Two young cutie meet each other in the laundry room. It’s obvious what’s in their mind by the lustful expressions on their faces…